Birthday Party Ideas By The Balloon Guy
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Childrens Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for fun Birthday Party Ideas? something Different, Interactive and Exciting for your childs birthday party

4 Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas. Option 1

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas Balloon Workshop – Click here for video

The Balloon Twisting Birthday Party is suitable for any child over 6 years old…right up teens…especially suitable for the difficult to please 8-10 year olds.

Twisting balloons is just so much fun for children (and adults).

I bring along a whole load of big, colourful, bright balloons and teach the children how to do some simple balloon twisting… and then let them ‘Go Crazy’ making their own Zany, Colourful Balloon Hats.

Their imagination will run wild and it is so funny to see what they end up with and everyone gets to take their special creation home… It’s Fun! Creative! and the children feel very special and proud of their unique creation.

Everything is supplied for only $275. The Balloon Twisting Party lasts for 35 minutes and can also be used in conjunction with the ‘Perfect Magic Show’ for a special introductory price of only $150 extra for the Balloon Twisting Party.

It’s Fun, Active, Creative and the children will have a Ball (oon). Hehe.

This workshop is also ideal for holiday entertainment at Libraries, OSHC, Shopping Centres and Schools

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Children Birthday Party Ideas. Option 2

The Balloon Twisting Birthday Party

Kids love balloon animals and find it fascinating to watch them being made. Hire a Brisbane balloon twister to come along and make a whole variety of fun, colourful balloon animals and figures for all the children – Its load of fun! – Only $200 for 1 hour of crazy balloonacy

Kid room
Childrens Birthday Party Ideas by The Balloon Guy

Childrens Birthday Party Ideas. Option 3…on a budget?

Pre order your themed birthday party ideas balloon creations Only $100 for 15 amazing balloons.

come and collect them or delivery can be arranged

Childrens Birthday Party Ideas. Option 4

The Big Balloon Party

This is what you get…

2 Hour of Balloon Fun

* Balloon Party Games

Balloon Stomp – Wrapped lollies are hidden in balloons and the children have to find the lollies by stomping on the balloons. Children love this and go ‘crazy’ bursting the balloons and getting the treats

Balloon Rocket – long balloons fly around the room and the children have to guess where it will land. Loads of fun and prizes!

Balloon Hats – Every child gets a ‘cool’ pre-made balloon hat, which can be themed if desired.

Balloon Animals – Every child gets an amazing, colourful balloon animal or figure. They can choose from our catalogue of designs

Unique Balloon Party Bags – A balloon party bag…a balloon stuffed with all sorts of fun gifts and lollies, the mystery is…how did all those thing get inside…a balloon!

Birthday Party Games, Free Party Invitations, Balloon Hats, Balloon Animals, Balloon Party Bags and 2 hours of unique children’s birthday party entertainment for Only $495.

This party caters for 15 children. It is $10 per child for over 15 kids

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