Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas for company, staff, corporate or  private parties

Coming up with good Christmas party ideas is not easy….so many people to please! …but I have some genuine Christmas party ideas to make you life so much easier…

Christmas Party Ideas

I am biased but I would recommend Roving Magic or a Magic Show.

Consider these excellent Christmas party ideas

Lets take a look at Roving
Magic –

Roving magic is where I circulate among your guests giving  them a mini stage show performance where they are the star of the show. The magic happens in their is fun, amazing and something they will not forget. Now the best thing about roving magic is that each performance can be tailored to suit the spectator…it is the very best form of flexible
entertainment…at a family event with young children, no problem! I can easily
bring in funny kids magic to get the kids laughing….mmmm got teenagers?…again
not a problem…I bring out ‘cool’ magic to blow their mind. Just adults?..Great!…I
have ‘cool’ stylish interactive magic that will leave them open mouthed and wanting
more…so you can see Christmas party ideas that work for everyone…it’s Roving Magic!
More Christmas Party Ideas
Childrens Christmas Themed
Stage Show
– $350

I dress up as Santa and perform an hilarious 40 minute Christmas  themed magic show and am happy to hand out gifts and chat to the children afterward. The Christmas themed magic show is a rollercoaster of laughs from the very beginning and includes the magical appearance of my cute little Rabbit that will have the kids yelling with delight….so if you are looking for a fun way to keep the kids entertained…book my show now!

Even More Christmas Party Ideas

Adult Stage Shows – $1100

I have two different stage shows ideal for adult Christmas Parties.

Comedy Magic Stage
– This is a mix of ‘very funny’ Stand-up Comedy, sight gags and hilarious,
interactive magic….loads of laughs all the way through and a Spectacular Finale
that often gets a standing ovation.

Mind Reading Stage Show – No magic here. I will use my skills of influence and persuasion to astound your guests and make then wonder if the impossible is possible in this
entertaining interactive journey of mind reading and mentalism. The show finale
is a nail-biting experience where I risk real danger on the whim of a spectator. It’s one hell of a great show..for the discerning spectator.

The last of my Christmas Party Ideas

Roving Balloon
Twisting –

I have been making balloon amimals for over 15 years and I can tell you that adults, teens and children ‘LOVE’ them!  They are big, bright, colourful and people stand mesmerised watching me make them. They will brighten up any event because they are so visual. Oh, these are not your boring single balloon creations, no!…these are special arty creations, some are cute, some are huge, all are a delight to take home.

Brighten up your Christmas Party now.

Ok that’s it! Several great Christmas party ideas to suit the young and not so young.

Any one of these Christmas party ideas will ensure that you become the star or your organisation by coming up with such a fun enjoyable idea.

Hope to see you soon!


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