Balloon Artist – Glen Rhodes

Brisbane’s Best Balloon Artist & Entertainer

Sometimes called Balloon Modelling, Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Artist, Balloon Bending or Balloon Animals…no matter what you call it…one thing is for sure…

Brisbane Balloon Artist is BIG, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, CREATIVE and FUN!

Balloon Artist

If you are looking to create some happiness, fun party ideas, colour and excitement at your next event then hire The Balloon Artist Guy.

People find it fascinating to watch a skilled balloon artist…what’s he going to make?…what’s it going to be? followed by the “oohs” and “arr’s” when the big colourful creation comes together, and, someone gets to take away the amazing balloon as a gift…people will happily queue-up to get a fun creation to take home…they love them!!

Hire The Balloon Artist Guy if

  • You want to draw a crowd at a Trade Show
  • You are planninga promotional event
  • You are organising a work or social “Family Day”
  • You are a organising a school fair or festival
  • You want to create some fun at a corporate event
  • You are organising a celebration ie Lotto winner, Birthday…
  • You want seasonal holiday entertainment ie. Easter, Christmas
  • You want to add excitement to a special event ie. Melbourne Cup, Australia Day…
  • You want “cool” party ideas
  • Value for money entertainment
  • You just like Balloon Twisting
Balloon Artist Parrots
Balloon Artist Octupus

If fact, hire a Roving Balloon Artist at any event where you want to create big smiles.

Party Ideas in Brisbane

It’s not easy to find interesting, fun, colourful, party ideas in Brisbane but a balloon artist is just one of several party ideas available through this website.

Having a room full over big, amazing balloon creations will certainly create a fun environment and get everyone smiling!

Other party ideas include a Magic Show for children’s Birthday parties with a cute real Rabbit. A Comedy Magic Show for adults which is a combination of Stand-up comedy and very funny magic and a Mind Reading show for those who aren’t so keen on magic. If you are looking for party ideas give me a call lets make your party the best it can be.

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