Welcome Team Building Brisbane – Brisbane’s Only Balloon Twisting Workshop!

Sometimes called Team Development, Team Bonding, Team Activities, Team Exercises, Team Games, Team Building Brisbane…no matter what you call it…one thing is for sure…

Team Building Brisbane is BIG, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, CREATIVE and FUN!

Team building brisbane

Are you looking for a fun, creative, interactive, team building Brisbane activity?

This team building Brisbane workshop is a unique idea that will leave the participants with a big colourful souvenir of the event.

The participants will be shown how to make some large colourful balloon flowers…then separated into small groups and set the task to ‘work together’ to create as many balloon flowers as they can in 30 minutes…the team with the most will be victorious…the good thing is that all the balloons can either be taken home to the family or donated as a gift to the local school, charity or retirement village…the balloon flowers will brighten up everybody’s day and that’s a nice thing to do for your community.

Judging will also be on artistic arrangement as well.

The Brisbane team building balloon workshop is a fun interactive activity that can be used as an interlude at any corporate day when a little light relief will be welcome.

Smiles and laughter are guaranteed and everyone learns a new skill that will make them very popular with their children.

Enquire today to see how the team building Brisbane balloon workshop will get your staff working together in a fun creative way.