Balloon Twisting by The Balloon Guy

Welcome to the home of Brisbane’s Best Balloon Twisting!

Sometimes called Balloon Modelling, Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Artist, Balloon Bending, Balloon Twisting or Balloon Animals…no matter what you call it…one thing is for sure…

Brisbane Balloon Twisting is BIG, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, CREATIVE and FUN!

Although based in Brisbane we are available for Queensland and Interstate Events.

Whatever sort of event you are hosting, the addition of big, bright, colourful, creative balloon modelling will add that ‘WOW’ factor that you are looking for.

Brisbane Balloon Twisting offers a large variety of Balloon Twisting and Entertainment options.

The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting a Cute Bunny RabbitCute Bunny Rabbit
The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting a Cheeky MonkeyCheeky Monkey
The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting a Flower BouquetFlower Bouquet
The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting Marvin the Dog“Marvin” the Dog
The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting a Space AlienSpace Alien
The Balloon Guy - Balloon Twisting a Magic UnicornMagic Unicorn
  • Roving Balloon Twisting
  • Birthday Party Balloon Modelling
  • Kids Balloon Twisting Workshop
  • Corporate Team Building Workshops
  • Themed Balloon Sculptures
  • Promotional Balloon Twisting
  • Trade Show Balloon Twisting
  • Children’s Balloon Workshops
  • Balloon Decorations
  • Balloon Gifts
  • Large Feature Balloon Sculptures

Other Entertainment Packages include:

  • Brisbane Best Kids Magic Show
  • Jumping Castles
  • Quality Face Painting
  • Roving Characters
  • Adult Roving Magician
  • Adult ‘Comedy Magic’ Stage Show
  • Adult ‘Mind Reading’ Stage Show

Brisbane Balloon Twisting is happy to work with you to ensure you get maximum entertainment at your event.

Brisbane Balloon twisting offers the ever popular single balloon creations like balloon Dogs, Swords and Flowers up to the more advanced multiple balloon, fun creations like Monkey in Tree, Superhero Charactors, Cute Bugs, Crazy Hats, Pretty Bracelets and the
list goes on…and on…just tell us if you want something specific and we will make it for you.

Suitable for School Fates, Christenings, Shopping Centres, Kindergartens, Corporate Events, OSHC, Festivals, Celebrations, Primary Schools ,Family Days, ‘Special Events, Day Care Centres,Teen age parties, Promotions, trade shows, birthday parties, Fundraisers, conferences, seminars, private events, store openings, traffic building, clubs, seminars, conferences, pubs, rsl’s, community groups, company picnics, festive events, store openings, store promotions, weddings, cocktail parties, adult parties, restaurants.

Balloon Twisting History
Long before there was something so stretchy as rubber, balloons were a fact. In the pre-rubber era, balloons came from animal bladders. A pig’s bladder was inflated by Galileo in an experiment to measure the weight of air. Inflated animal bladders were used in play by Indian and Eskimo children. Most of the bladders were from sea animals.
A balloon was first made from rubber in 1824. Professor Michael Faraday, in his work at the Royal Institution in London, was experimenting with gases and raw rubber, called caoutchouc. In the Quarterly Journal of Science in 1824 he wrote, “The caoutchouc is exceedingly elastic. Bags made of it … have been expanded by having air forced into them, until the caoutchouc was quite transparent.” His work was also probably the first joining of balloons with hydrogen. His journal article continued, “When expanded by hydrogen, they (the rubber bags) were so light as to form balloons with considerable ascending power.”
The first chance that people had to get a rubber balloon was in 1825. But they had to make the actual balloon themselves. The balloons came in the form of a kit. The kit was made up of “. . . a bottle of rubber solution and a condensing syringe.” It was marketed by England’s pioneer rubber manufacturer, Thomas Hancock.
As early as 1889, balloons could be bought by people in the United States. Montgomery Ward had them in their catalog that year. The catalog listed them as “. . . red rubber balloons with trumpet ends.” The price was four cents each or forty cents a dozen. The balloons were not made in the United States, but were probably imported from Belgium.
The first manufacture of balloons in the United States came in 1907. The manufacturer was the Anderson Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. In 1912 came a totally new thing for the balloon twisting world. It was the manufacture of the first balloon that wasn’t round. It was cigar-shaped. The development has been credited to Harry Ross Gill, founder of the National Latex Rubber Products of Ashland, Ohio.Gill developed two other items. One was a dye that did not rub off on people’s hands and faces. The other was marketing balloons in a packaged assortment, which was advertised as “. . . the first sanitary balloon package.”
In 1931, balloon twisting technology leaped ahead when, according to an industry catalog, “Neil Tillotson dipped the first modern latex balloon made from the sap of a rubber tree.” The catalog further states that the balloon, shaped like a cat’s head with pointed ears and a whisker-printed face, was the world’s first novelty-shaped and printed balloon. Before that, balloons were made with difficulty and danger from a solvent-dissolved rubber similar to rubber cement. Tillotson founded the Tillotson Rubber Company which still makes balloons today. Interesting balloon twisting facts and balloon twisting history